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The Specialists

Universal specialise in producing high quality tailor-made cases quickly at a reasonable price. At the core of our business is our casemaking service operating 24 hours per day. Our pledge is that cases ordered by 6pm, are manufactured over night and are ready for collection/delivery the following morning.

Bespoke Cases

Every case is tailored to each clients individual requirements. They are made from the highest quality heat treated, kiln dried timber. All timber is planed all round to dramatically enhance the appearance of each case as well as reducing the possibility of splinters.

Heat Treated Timber

Universal Packing is a member of the UK Wood Packaging Material Marketing Programme and have been assessed by the Forestry Commission to provide ISPM15 certified timber. All our timber is 56/30 ISPM15 certified, this is the internationally recognised standard for treated timber which is imperative for export.

Case Options

We stock a huge variety of timber, plywood and cardboard to ensure we can manufacture any style and size of case for our customers. We offer a wide variety of additional options which can be added to every case including different thicknesses of foam, ethafoam and polystyrene. Other options include captive screws, handles, hinges, wheels and polythene or waterproof (kraft paper) lining. What ever the request we can accommodate it.


We manufacture a wide range of cases types, please view the casemaking gallery for examples of our products.

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Click to view Casemaking Gallery
Click to view Casemaking Gallery

Further Information

If you require further information please contact us, so we can discuss your requirements further.