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Container Cases

We supply numerous different high quality cases designed for storage, containers or airfreight. Sea freight containers are made to fit within the restrictions of the container door, yet fitting the exact length of the container, ensuring the maximum volume of each container is used, in the easiest possible manor.

The case (‘lift-van’) is a heavy duty case, usually constructed with inch thick plywood base, 3/8 (9mm) plywood sides and timber framing. Sitting on 4 inch, four-way entry feet, it can easily be moved outside and inside the container. Dependant on the customers exact requirements, they can be polythene or waterproof lined for added protection.

Storage & Airfreight Cases

For storage and shipping clients, we produce large solid cases which will fit onto a lorry and can then be stacked easily within a warehouse. We also produce airfreight cases, to fit within the air-cargo restrictions and are made from a lighter plywood to reduce overall weight and costs.